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How to make up when wearing glasses? Make up tips with glasses!

Many people think that wearing glasses can not paint beautiful makeup, this idea is wrong! Look at the beauty makeup people to teach you how to wear glasses! ! Myopia lenses will reduce both eyes and the eyeballs are convex, so the method of eye makeup is particularly important. It is the main point of all makeup to make both eyes bigger and fade out.
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‍‍‍‍‍‍ 1. Eye shadow pets the same color
The color of the eyeshadow is better in the same line, and the rich eye shadow color will weaken the image of both eyes. Avoid picking eyes, light purple, light pink, light blue eyeshadow, they will aggravate the feeling of the eyeball convex. Brown, pearly brown is the safest choice. When using makeup, you can use deep coffee eye shadow at the edge of the upper eyelid, and then gradually transition to the eyebrow. Use the same color eye shadow to change the eyes from deep to shallow, the effect is very good.

How to make myopia?


2. A little rough eyeliner works well
Since the frame and the lens increase the nominal content of the face, it is necessary to make the eye makeup relatively simple and simple. Whether you are a single eyelid or a double eyelid, the sharpening of the eyes is a slightly thicker eyeliner and dense curled eyelashes. Try the liquid or pen with a softer refill, and draw the eyeliner from the root of the eyelashes. The thick and thick lines will expand the eyes. The reflection of the lens will weaken the traces after the eyeliner is drawn.

3. Must use eyelash curler
Eyelash curler is a magic weapon for myopia beauty to increase the eyes. Before applying mascara, you must first use the eyelash curler to pick up from the root of the eyelashes. When applying mascara, first repeat the change in the "Z" shape at the root of the eyelashes, and then gently brush the eyelashes, so that the roots are dense. In order to increase the curl of the eyelash curling, apply the mascara once before, apply it once after applying the mascara, and the eyelashes can be rolled up. If your own eyelashes are very long, it is easy to touch the lens after applying the mascara, which will make the field of vision ambiguous, so you should choose according to your own situation.

How to make myopia?

4. Neutral eye shadow is ideal
The color of the eye shadow should be kept from being cumbersome, otherwise it will have a colorful effect when the lens is enlarged. Therefore, the application of monochrome or two-color eye shadow contrast is appropriate, light brown, gray red, lavender, pearl color and other neutral colors are particularly ambitious.

5. Eyeliner is good
Don't draw too thick when drawing eyeliner, otherwise it will be very awkward. Choose an eyeliner instead of an eyeliner, and simply build a vague and radiant effect that will look natural. Those with smaller eyes can be properly retouched, painted with thin eyeliner and painted with light-colored eyeshadow, so that after wearing the glasses, the eyes will look big and beautiful. People with large eyes do not need to trace the eyeliner too much to avoid the lens from expanding the appearance of the makeup.

6. Eyelashes do not forget to finish
Eyelashes do not need to be over-retouched. If you have already had eyeliner, you should not use black mascara again, which will make the eyes look too heavy. The contrast of brown is appropriate, it will give people a docile image. After applying mascara to the eyelashes, remember to clean it up. If there are small dots or agglomerates, it will be enlarged and enlarged by the lens. It is awful.
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