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Choosing sunglasses

In the midsummer, people wear sunglasses to cover the glare of the sun. How to choose the sunglasses that are suitable for you is not a simple matter:

In general, people prefer round and butterfly-shaped lenses. In addition, there are square and oval lenses, but you should be careful not to buy popular ones just because of the popular style. Filmman's eyeglasses experts give you some tips:

Strong ultraviolet light can damage the cornea and conjunctiva, so be sure to purchase a mirror with a 100% protective filter. Please note that this filter device is invisible to people, so it is best not to buy sunglasses at street vendors. If you want to buy them, go to the glasses manufacturer to buy them.

If you like to engage in sports, then you'd better choose plastic lenses. Although it is easier to scratch than glass lenses, it won't break and won't get into people's eyes.

Don't choose a mirror that is too dark, it will affect your vision. In general, it is sufficient to reduce the luminosity by 50% to 65%.

Never buy glasses that reflect light.

The color-changing mirror (upper and lower) also has shortcomings. If the sunlight is reflected from below, you will feel dazzled.

The color-changing mirror changes the depth of the color according to the intensity of the light. Although it is very practical, it takes a certain amount of time to change. People who drive through the tunnel should not wear a color-changing mirror.
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